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We are an awesome place led developer that are passionate about urban regeneration and low carbon living.

We are working on some of the most prominent developments across the Midlands, Southwest and Northwest, including the largest regeneration project in Europe, all to deliver game changing results for the people that will build their futures in the places we create. 

We champion innovation in all our projects, we like to do things differently, and use the widest range of design, engineering, and construction methods possible. Thats what makes placemaking so much fun.


We get excited about creating great places to live and work and play.

We always start with place, its not just about the property, for us its about creating places that shape the ways we live in the future. 

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You could got get a more passionate group of people. We are buzzing with energy, Ideas and aspiration.

Its part of our DNA, we can't help it. 

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Everything we do is led by our passion and commitment for a low carbon future.

The places we create need to play their part in changing the way we live.

We build low carbon and our homes are some of the most energy efficient around.

Bye Bye Carbon.   


We were born from a team that has social values at their heart.

We have spend most of our adult lives 
delivering solutions and services right in the heart of communities across the country. 

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We are totally focused on delivering
ame changing results in the places we work.

That's why we drive maximum local value by working with local people and local businesses in designing and building the great places we live. 


Our Team

The minds that create the magic

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